Hello there, I'm a web developer that loves coding and design.

  • ♥️ In love with programming
  • 👀 Fascinated about design
  • 🧰 Full-stack web developer
  • 🫶🏻 Interested in all technologies
  • 🗓️ 8+ years experiences
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Web and App developer
  • 📖 Hobby for Open Sources
  • 🤓 Always learning and improving

Hi there! 👋

I'm Benny Guo

A professional full-stack developer,

8+ years of experiences in both the frontend and backend.


I 💜 to work on


With devotion

Technical Skills

Embarks Creativity


Continous Growing

  • PHP Developer
    4 years
  • Full-stack
    2 years
  • Team Lead
    2 years
  • Frontend Dev Lead
    3 years




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不做无能为力的事,Don't look to jump over seven-foot bars,

做力所能及的事。Look for one-foot bars that can be step over.


Super attention to details.

Quickly adapt to all situations.

Ability to learn and grow quickly with anything.

Favourite MMO

Guild Wars 2

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Interested Topics

Programming & Technology

Digital Technology, Latest programming news

Song Genres

Hip Pop, Chinese pop, Rap


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I am currently inSydney, Australia
  • University of NSW

    Civil Engineering

  • Career Position

    Technical Lead

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More about me


Hi there! 👋 I'am Benny Guo, a professional web developer, who loves to develop web applications and UI design.

I have over eight years of programming experience in both the frontend and backend. I specialize in frontend development and mobile app development. When it came to frontend frameworks, I specialized in React, Vue, TailwindCSS, and component systems.

Currently, I am available for full-stack or frontend development roles on web and mobile applications. I am actively looking for opportunities, so please do not hesitate to contact me!

I enjoy designing and developing themes and user interfaces for many applications in my free time. I have made themes for Hexo.js, Obsidian.md, Typora, etc.

My Projects



Vue Projects

  • Hexo
  • Vue3
  • TypeScript
Check out

Open Sources Project

Hexo Aurora Theme

Aurora is a next generation theme using Aurora colours and UI elements. It give you the feel of smooth flow of colours and a futuristic feeling.

  • Main design concept of the theme is base on the trending “Aurora UI”.
  • Enjoy the lightning fast SPA built by vue3, UI is much more elegant and user friendly.
  • With the boost performance by Vue3, whole blog's performance had being lifted.

Open Source Project

Pharmaceuticals B2B

A B2B system that connects pharmaceutical factories, wholesale and retail supplies. The system made significant changes to China's traditional pharmaceutical industry.

  • Backend
    • Developed with Lumen
    • Restful API design
    • Used Swoole for high performance
    • Used Websocket for real-time notification and event dipatching
  • Control Panel
    • Developed with Vue2 + Vuex
    • Fully customized components base on ElementUI
    • Has over 300+ features and modules
    • Auth2.0 web token design with Axios
  • E-commerce
    • Fully customizable theme (Can be customized in CP)
    • Developed with Vue2 + Vuex
    • Developed Event Countdown Timer (Open-Source)
    • Included all the features a e-commerce apps has
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  • Vue2
  • Javascript


React Projects

  • React
  • TypeScript
Check out

Open Sources Project

Face AI

This application is developed base on the smart-brain application by @Andrei Neagoie on “The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap” course. I have customized a lot of features in this application. Including the following:

  • Notification
  • Whole application is written in TypeScript
  • The UI is designed with pure TailwindCSS
  • Refactored project structure into application feature-based split, more info see here.
  • Refactored API to use RTK Query
  • Test coverage upto 99%

Open Sources Project


This is a Node.js Express backend made for the Face AI application.

  • Use MySQL database instead with Sequelize
  • Added helmet for extra security
  • Completely written in TypeScript
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  • Node.js
  • TypeScript


Other Projects

  • Obsidian.md
  • CSS
Check out

Obsidian.md Theme

Obsidianite Theme

This theme focused on generating the feel of obsidian in the galaxy. It has futuristic neon colorings, as well as having the feel of “Obsidian” power.

Received “Theme of the Year” for 2020.

VSCode Theme

Aurora Future

I have used many themes in VSCode, but most of them use way too many colors for my liking. Also after writing hours of codes, eyes could gets very tiring of looking at too much colors.

The main goal of this theme is to use the main colors of Auroral-UI and draw back all the distractions from the colors. Which help us focus on what is important and keep the visual harmony in the theme.

Check out
  • VSCode
  • Theme
  • Hexo
  • Javascript
Check out

Hexo Theme

Hexo Obsidian Theme

A dark Hexo theme, it's responsive, simple but elegant.

  • Dark theme - Complete dark theme UI
  • Highly animated - Included all types of animation for a better UX.
  • SPA like UX - Remove traditional page jumping, content is preloaded using AJAX and load into the page with smooth transition.

I'm looking for opportunities!